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We specialize in mid to high risk domestic payment
processing solutions.

Specializing in mid to high risk merchants, we understand how difficult it can be to find a secure and reputable merchant services solution for your business. Our goal is to provide your mid to high risk businesses with merchant services you can trust. With our industry leading security, expert customer service, and easy online account access, we're confident your search ends here.


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Below are some of the many industry types we work with:

• Direct Marketing • Telecommunication • Dating Services • Escort Services
• Airlines • Carriers • Cruise Lines • Travel Agencies • Tour Operators
• Timeshares • Videotext • Auctions • Bail Bond Services • Barter Services
• Seminars • Water & Air Purification

Merchant must be a legal entity and is required to go through an underwriting review. Approval may be limited to business types approved by our sponsoring bank.

Let us help you evaluate your processing needs. Complete the form below to have one of our specialized payment agents contact you directly. We look forward to assisting you establish a merchant services account.

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